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IPN BU 764

Submitted by: Region Wsparcia Teleinformatycznego w Bydgoszczy [Information Technology Support Region in Bydgoszcz]

In January 2017, master warrant officer Sebastian Grzelak contacted the Szczecin Branch of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) with information that during a renovation of one of the barracks buildings in the area of the military unit in Mosty they came across a hiding place in the ceiling containing old German materials. In consultation with the commander of the military unit, two employees from this branch were sent to Mosty to inspect the finding.

At the very beginning of the inspection, the hiding place turned out to contain a “small treasure trove.” The materials found were related to the German factory and ammunition depot “Lufthauptmunitionsanstalt 2/III Speck” and a forced labour camp.

During World War II, the “L.H.M. SPECK” factory manufactured and stored weapons and ammunition for the German army including, for example, parts for the V1 and V2 rockets. In addition, a forced labour camp – where forced labourers, prisoners of war and, at the end of the war, prisoners of concentration camps worked – was established next to the factory. The materials found include metal badges, armbands, plans of the camp barracks and a series of severely damaged documents.