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IPN BU 2388

Person donating: Irmina Sobczuk

In the 1980s, documents produced by the Home Army Chief Command in the years 1943-1944 were found while gardening, in a private property located in the Dygansińskiego Street in the Warsaw District of Żoliborz. For many years, they had been stored in two large glass jars buried in the ground and were in a very bad condition. In 2011, these 216 cards were donated by Mrs. Irmina Sobczuk to the Archive of the Institute of National Remembrance. They were subject to restoration in the immediate aftermath of the hand-over.

The documents concern the financial affairs of the organizational units of the Home Army Chief Command. They include financial reports, extracts from the cash registers, financial statements, accounting documents, schedules of proceeds and expenditure (for the purposes of care, providing assistance to those detained, buying out persons, maintaining the premises, transport, security, personal and material expenditure, etc.) issued by heads of different departments and bureaus, a protocol containing conclusions and evaluations from the conducted control of cash and material management, inter alia a motion signed by Tadeusz Komorowski, Chief Commandant of the Home Army, cash register “11” (Unit I) for May 1944, as well as the protocol of Lieutenant-Colonel (ppłk dypl.) Antoni Kruczyński nicknamed the “Rawa 77”, including a commendation by Tadeusz Komorowski for Colonel Antoni Sanojca nicknamed the “Kortuma”, Head of the “11”.

The files contain information about the activity of the Home Army - actions, arrests, financial and personal losses, fires, and thefts.

It is not known in which circumstances these documents had been hidden.