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IPN BU 2215

Person donating: Olga Wiechnik

The collection of documents and mementoes of the Komierowski family are an exemplary family archive dating back to the early 20th century. The transferred documents depict the life histories of the members of the Komierowski family, spanning nearly 100 years - starting from the times of Tsarist Russia, through the Great War, the resurgence of an independent Poland, the Second World War, until the times of the “Solidarity” Movement and the fall of the Communist regime in Poland.

The collection comprises of, inter alia, family correspondence, memoirs, an officers’ patent, distinctions (inter alia the valuable distinction of the Legion of Puławy from the First World War), medals (inter alia Virtuti Militari and the Cross of Saint George), medallions, plaques from the period from the First World War until the 1990s, a collection of documents produced by the Independent Self-Governing Trade Union "Solidarity” and other opposition organizations, postage stamps issued by the Katyn Committee, the underground postal service of the “Solidarity” Movement and by the postal service of the “Fighting Solidarity” Movement, different post cards printed in the underground, and commemorative documents in the form of banknotes.