We do remember

IPN BU 1467/126

Person donating: Apolonia Urbaniak

Mrs. Apolonia Urbaniak, née Liszewska, lives in Buraków. When she was a small girl, she carefully listened to stories told by elderly residents about events which had taken part in her homeland. She decided to keep these stories and memories of her own experiences as a memento for future generations. They mainly refer to the years 1939-1945, to the realities marked by war, while showing heroic attitudes of the residents and their fate after the war.

            They include, inter alia, a history of the Siwiński family and of Sergey Gladanov, a Russian pilot saved by Józefa Siwińska, who took part in the weapon airdrops over Warsaw and was injured by German gunfire, a gravestone plate of Franciszek Maszczak nicknamed the “Bald”, a member of the 218th Platoon of the Military Units of the Social Uprising Emergency, and killed in action on 30th September 1944, as well as photographs and documents dating back to that time.

In a letter directed to the Institute of National Remembrance, Mrs. Apolonia Urbaniak indicated a place close to the station of Pancerz, where there is an anonymous grave close to a railway embankment. The information was handed over to the Bureau for Inquiries and Identification of the Institute of National Remembrance.