We do remember

IPN BU 3192

Person donating: Adam Kliszewski

Through Władysław Lubiński, the Institute of National Remembrance received a collection of correspondence between Ewa and Zbigniew Kliszewski, parents of Mr. Adam Kliszewski, currently living in the USA.

Second Lieutenant Zbigniew Kliszewski fought during the defensive war in 1939 and managed to escape to France after Poland’s collapse. In 1940, he took part fighting against the Germans. After the surrender of France, he was detained in Switzerland, where he lived to see the end of the war. The history of the life of Mrs. Ewa Kliszewska was much more tragic. In 1943, she was arrested by the Gestapo and transferred to the Auschwitz concentration camp. She died on 23rd February 1944 in the German camp.

Having been released from detention, Zbigniew Kliszewski started searching for his wife. He learnt about her death in August 1945, which made him decide to migrate to America. After a certain period of time, he was joined by his son Adam, who had been taken care of by his aunt, after Ewa Kliszewska had been arrested in 1943.