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IPN BU 3213

Person donating: Ann Siburuth

In September 2015, Mrs. Ann Siburuth handed over a collection of family mementoes to the Archive of the Institute of National Remembers, including personal documents and numerous photographs of her father Ludwik Wojturski. The collection depicts the conditions in which members of the Polish land service of the 306th Fighter Squadron used to serve, as well as the everyday life of soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces in the West.

Ludwik Wojturski was born in the 1st half of the 1920s in the vicinity of Lviv. In February 1940, he was deported with his wife and family to Altai Krai in Southern Siberia. He joined the troops of the Polish Army in the USSR, where he served under the command of Gen. Władysław Anders. He left to Persia with the evacuated Army. His wife died during that time. Having crossed the border into Iraq, the Polish Army found itself in territory under the command of the British. In May 1942, he was transferred to Scotland and afterwards assigned to the 306th Polish Fighter Squadron as a flight engineer for the Spitfire airplanes.