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IPN BU 3129

Person donating: Julita Dorota Marlena Portait

In April 2015, Mrs. Julita Dorota Marlena Portait handed over a family memento, a stripped uniform from the German concentration camp in Dachau, to the Institute of National Remembrance. The stripped uniform belonged to her uncle Jean Puget, born on 28th March 1909 in Warsaw. He was the youngest son of Jan Franciszek Puget, who used to run a bookbinding company in Warsaw. The enterprise operated under the business name “J. Puget & Sons” in the years 1878-1942 in Warsaw. It is difficult to establish the history of the life of Jean Puget during wartime. From the documents stored in the Institute of National Remembrance, we can say that he arrived in the concentration camp in Dachau in a transport of prisoners of war from the concentration camp in Natzweiler on 4th September 1944 and got the number 99 460. The Institute of National Remembrance also established a list of things he had with him at the moment of detention - a watch and a signet ring.

The stripped uniform handed over to us is a winter version of the camp uniform. It consists of a left-handed jacket and trousers with grey-and-blue strips. There is a manually sewn red triangle on the jacket (the category of political prisoners was marked by colour) with the letter F (meaning France according to nationality). Above that, there was a rectangular scrap of material with the manually sewn camp number 99 460.